Wrapped up my Ninja ZX636 in Icons “Deployed” high viz design. The guys at Endless Auto Salon  installed the highest quality vinyl wrap that any of my motorcycles have seen thus far.


Check out Endless Auto Salon:

Icon Motosports

Tony Carbajal YouTube



Icon Motosports Variant Double Stack Spring 2017

Icon Spring 2017 Gear is here!

New year, New Gear! I had the honor of receiving and testing one of Icon’s new Variant “Double Stack”  helmets before it reached anyone else hands or eyes. The High Viz color has been my sportbike color scheme for quite some time. So naturally thats the color-way that hit my doorstep. It’s quite a loud color which is great for being seen on the roadways or to grab peoples attention during stunt shows. Although it’s color scheme is like being hit in the face by a can of safety yellow paint it has a sleek style, some subtle graphics and is well ventilated. The Icon Variant models have been around since 2011 and there are plenty of in depth reviews out there about them. They are undeniably stylish so naturally I couldn’t wait to get it on my head and get some action shots. The only thing I would add to mine out of the box is a darkened or mirrored shield.

Take a look at my unboxing and first ride.

The Variant “Double Stacks” are available in a variety of colors.

Check out the new Variant’s here:

Check out the entire Spring 2017 lineup here:


Motorcycles have given me so many opportunities from performing live to film and television and being recognized as a premier rider for some major companies within the motorcycle industry. I am grateful for every little bit of this.  Those of you that know me know that sport bikes is where it started for me. However, my love for motorcycles could never be limited to just one type.

With a brand new year upon us, I cannot emphasize how excited I am to get to work. Not only does 2015 mark the eleventh year since two wheels and a motor took over my life but I am also excited to announce my partnership with Victory Motorcycles.

A v-twin? A big cruiser? I don’t discriminate, I love all motorcycles. I just don’t get the time or the opportunity to ride them all.  These bikes are definitely bigger and heavier in comparison to what I am used to but I am always challenging myself to push, learn and improve.  Victory is making bold moves within the industry and we are more than happy to help make a mark that people will see for some time. I’m ready!

This year I will be working along side my good buddy and veteran stunt rider “Joe Dryden”. Joe will be my partner in crime to help burn some tires, toss back some wheelies and make our marks in another side of the motorcycle industry.

Keep your eyes peeled for some quality photos and videos in addition to live performances at some big venues.

Visit the event schedule on my website for dates and information.

Catch us at events such as: Daytona Bikeweek, Sturgis Bikeweek, Polaris Dealer meetings and more.

victory widget

A celebratory burnout on a Cross Country and a Magnum was a must.

Peep the unreleased 2015 Icon1000 Jackets. Keep your eyes open for this one because its amazing.

Joe is one of the hardest working guys I know. I’m happy to have him as a teammate. 

Wheelies on the Victory Judges. Next time you see this it will be the 2015 Victory Gunner. 2015 is here..Let the fun begin!



Season Kickoff

The 2014 season has begun! The fist stop to lay down some rubber was at a dealer party thrown by Southbay Motorsports and Icon Motorsports in Chula Vista CA.

What a party it was! I showed up only to find a gated performance area that was practically glowing in my eyes. It was huge and grippy and oh so clean. These are the show surfaces us riders only dream of but always seem to come so few and far between.

From the beaches of San Diego I cruised straight to the deserts of Las Vegas to support my buddy Nick Apex and his new shop/playground.

A tight schedule made for a quick turn around and back to the coast for shows in Long Beach CA.

Blasting through all of these miles logged, tires killed, bikes overheating and sweat dripped to bring you some killer photos for a nice visual recap. Enjoy! SDheli-2San Diego always showing off.  PoErpkjIX7hAxQMyFM_ER6hVVNEeAp9m47Dl7uiu_MA,-Z0RyJmn2_Nsho_uHBiL-2co-wBZbc_mEX_m1XI5yD4,dDGPMLg1VmYHDyMucJR6RKsht5gLmTGgLOerd7jJ1hw,6XeseaXM1n8LhK7dOyciCNQ_cCMQdg1fk4Wl7mXdOkM,0nnXDISGRDCeLguLuFCZ9cskfvUebukJfB2DvspaTKEWelcome to SouthBay Motorsports in chula Vista CA. Follow Southbay on Facebook  


No Shortage of Icon Protective gear.

Walking into a big dealership and seeing this above it all of the Icon products. Definitely stopped me in my tracks and  reminded me what a long road it has been and how thankful I am to work with such a great company.

Time to get to work!

It’s been a while since I have had a nice big show area to come in fast and cranked over in some stoppies. I had some fun with those.

Leah riding in on top of the tank.

Great crowds make tires expire quickly. Needless to say that this tire will R.I.P after just this day. Totally worth it!

Sarra Wolfe was a trooper. Where most people would have flinched or ran she stood her ground and helped make the show a bit more interesting. Thank you Sarra.

 Leah inspiring other female riders and probably a few guys as well.

Smiles all around and no broken bikes or bones confirms that it’s been a good day around the office.

Post show autographs under the Two Brothers Racing tent.

Raffles and giveaways finished off the day with some lucky attendees headed home with some new gear. The Southbay crew + the Icon crew = one hell of an event. Good times!

With little rest I swooped up Joe Dryden and headed east to our buddy Nick Apex’s Garage 7 opening party in Las Vegas to twist some throttles and catch up with old friends. It’s a short trip but we still had to keep ourselves entertained.

Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil slaying tires as usual on Nicks asphalt playground.

Team Empires Savage Lin carving hard for the crowd. Always a blast riding with these guys.

Joe also rollin crossed up on the front.

I was working off very little rest so this shot is most likely a drift but possibly just falling over from exhaustion.

IMG_3976Once our sessions ended the drift cars begin with some pretty talented drivers that lit up the course for the crowd.

Thanks Nick for an awesome time at your new place. Check out Garage 7 on Facebook.  There were plenty of other killer riders there that I don’t have photos of. Sorry guys… Bigdiddy, Matt T, Joel, Joe and more…

Photos by: David Avila (foto)

Joe and I weren’t ready to jam back west but there were shows calling back on the coastline of Long Beach for the Long Beach Grand Prix kickoff.

 I’m not sure who takes a better photo.. San Diego or Long Beach. Either way I’m happy to only be a short trip away from both.

First stop in Long Beach was Belmont Shore. We performed three shows right in the thick of the block party. From a dream surface in SD to a 29’x80′ show area at the shore. It seemed much bigger in my head but we managed to keep people on their toes and coming back for each show.

 No hands needed to get the job done. photo

Tight quarters! We were short a photographer so please excuse the cell phone photos from this night.

Downtown Long Beach presents “Thunder Thursday” each year to kick off the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach race weekend. Pit Stop competitions kick off the night with some of the top Indy Racing League drivers and teams ready to unleash some speed and skills. The boys at the local good year tire should have been here taking notes.

There is no shortage of horsepower, people and action on this night.

After the Pit Stop comp the FMX boys start flipping through the air and the streets erupt with thousands of pumped up fans.Before the thousands of fans can even settle down we hit them with a cloud of tire smoke and the sweet sound of revlmiters!

This year I invited my good buddy Joe Dryden to perform with me. He held his own well and had a pretty sweet machine to do it on too.

My friend Tyler on the mic was the only one close for me to taunt a bit. Tyler did a great job talking the fans through the shows and keeping them amped. 

Another rowdy crowd makes my throttle hand happy and this tire was laid to rest with just enough rubber to roll her into the transporter to go home. But not before spending a bit of time with the fans of course. Autographs and photos finished off yet another successful Thunder Thursday on Pine and Broadway.


Thank you Long Beach for having us again and again.

Thanks you to all the awesome fans that came out and supported.

Big Thanks to the crew that helped me make it all come together :

Joe Dryden, Martin S, Tyler House, John from Little Media and more..

Photos by: Martin S.

Until Next time…



Upcoming Events

The 2014 show schedule is shaping up! I am pumped for several reasons. My injury forced me to take most of the season off last year so it is great to be back. It’s been pretty rare over the years for me to do many events right here where I live in Southern California so I am  definitely happy to get to perform for the local riders that have shown me support for so many years.

Mark those calendars and get yourself friends and family out to one of these. 

securedownload-1Roar in the shoreFor any additional information feel free to contact me via Email.


TC FlashBack

It’s about that time! Heading into a new year, a new season, new beginnings! I managed to have a successful recovery from knee reconstructive surgery halfway through the 2013 season and finish the year raging on into another. It dawned on me that so much time had flown by over the years. When your life is at full speed at all times it is hard to remember what you had for dinner yesterday let alone think back to all the things that took place. Once I found myself grounded and unable to ride it gave me plenty of time to think. I had a hard drive full of some damn good memories and hadn’t ever made the time to put it out there to share with everyone. I decided to start a little series called “Down and Out” The series begins right after my surgery and takes the viewers into a flashback at some of the good times and adventures I experienced over the past couple of years. The first two installments are complete and I will continue my story each month. Thank you for supporting and tuning in!  – TC

Part 1

Part 2

2013 Recap

The year is not over just yet but it has been a while since I have blogged. I am going to sum up the past 10 months to recap with a few photos and some text. There was definitely some blood, lots of nasty sweat and possibly some tears… of joy!

Despite a few months off due to injury 2013 has shaped up to be another one of my best years yet!

I kicked off the new year with a Sunday-not so-fun-day mini-moto session with some friends that ended poorly for me!

I found myself in the ER with what they called a “sprained knee”  No big deal! I’ve toughed my way through worse things. It definitely took me off my feet for a few days and I had about a week to get prepared for Monster Jam pit party shows in Anaheim.

I figured that if I could walk then surely I can ride my motorcycle! The following week rolled around and I was still sore, swollen and in pain but walking on my own.

I took to Anaheim Angels Stadium. I toughed through two twenty minute shows for the crowd. Show number three rolls around for the day and i’m about 10 minutes in as my leg buckles in a wheelie and I fall over my bike and to the pavement.

The pain was severe and as much as I wanted to I couldn’t manage to walk off on my own and this is when i knew there was something more than a sprained knee going on.

MRI Results:  ACL was completely torn in two,  lateral meniscus torn badly and my MCL sprained badly.

Surgery was soon to be added to the schedule but there was still work to be done so it would have to wait. I bought myself a fancy knee brace from Target to get by and got back to work.

untitled (1 of 1)-17


Next on the agenda was a national commercial shoot for the McDonalds corporation. It was for their dollar menu Spicy McChicken sandwich.

I worked along side my former teammate Jason Britton and Icon rider Leah Peterson. It was great that the production let me ride my own motorcycle.


Spicy McBurnout!


Check out this short version of the commercial


Once McDonalds wrapped up I received a call to come to Sony Studios to shoot a concert intermission stunt video for Rihanna’s World Tour concerts.


They shut down the rooftop for the shoot. A 360 degree view of Los Angeles and a whole bunch of expensive equipment.

I was honored to do this not only for Rihanna but for Sony. They told me that I was one of 3 athletes to get to use the rooftop at Sony for crazy action shots.

The other two were Travis Pastrana and Shawn White.

The production allowed me to use my own motorcycle which was nice and comfortable and allowed me to showcase some of my sponsors as well.   They even kept some ICON gear for Rihanna.

My photographer Martin S. came along and took some shots.

My Kawasaki found VIP parking right between GhostBusters and Green Hornet.


After the Rihanna shoot wrapped up I packed up and hopped on a flight for a two week adventure in Switzerland. I was there to finish up some stunt work for a big budget Bollywood film I had worked on a few months prior.

They said “hey come slide some motorcycles & hang out on a giant dam!” Literally!!

You may recognize this damn from the James Bond movie “GoldenEye”



My good buddy Joe Dryden and I harnessed, frozen and ready to get dropped. Don’t drop your cell phone, sunglasses, wallet.. You will never get it back!


800 feet to the bottom!



Can you spot the stunt dummies?

Style Points!

Waiting, plotting, freezing!


I love helicopters!

Made some international newspaper headlines with stunt buddy/ coordinator Oliver Keller and Bollywood  superstar Aamir Khan.


The view from the room in the morning. Sunrise over the water. The other side of the water is Italy.

Motorcycles, bridge drops, hanging from a helicopter, awesome food, great friends all in a place that looks this surreal. It was an epic trip!!

Two days after coming back into the country I have surgery to repair the damage i’ve done. 4 hours in and I wake up highly medicated and talking jibberish.

They tell me that I will be off of a motorcycle for 9 months, I think thats when I started feeling all the pain. I knew it was going to be a long road ahead.


6 weeks on crutches and in a wheelchair. Let the muscle atrophy and wheelchair wheelies begin!

Lucky for me my friends don’t suck! Still bound by the crutches and my new wheelie-chair. They wheeled me out to long beach to have some fun on a movie set.

I shot at the cops during a high speed chase scene, did a drive by shooting and was passenger/ shooter in a drifting dodge charger. It was a fun day.


I don’t really have a bunch of photos showing how many countless hours that I spent working out. I wanted to  regain strength and get back into riding condition. They said it would be 9 months. I pushed as hard as they would let me and worked out almost every single day.

I had some help along the way and people to monitor my progress. Im very thankful for everyone that took part in my recovery. Together we managed to turn the 9 month recovery into 6 months.

Being down and out for a bit gave me some time to build one sweet ride. The ICON motorsportsParahuman” themed Kawasaki Ninja. This bike has been one of my favorite builds of all time.

I must say thanks to my sponsors and friends that contributed to this build. ICON,  Two Brothers Racing, RokformHotbodies Racing, GPR Stabilizers5th Gear Sprockets, Apex Manufacturing, HTmoto, RSC, B&B Powder Coating, Dicks Customs, Odi GripsMotopia Motorsports, Impaktech and Moto-Heaven

Look but don’t touch! Unfortunately that rule  still applied to me.

Next stop was Monterey California for the MotoGP race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


As usual Two Brothers Racing has their setup on cannery row. Where my Kawasaki is displayed, TBR gives away a ton of t-shirts and stickers.

I did some autograph signings.

Cannery row was flooded with bikes and riders. Sadly it was the last time until MotoGP returns to Laguna Seca.

I may have jumped the gun just a bit but 6 months was pretty much here!!

I am cautiously trying to get comfortable again.

It’s good to be back!

I did some work on a television show recently for Tru TV which I am not allowed to post about just yet but I had a blast!

This weekend  I am getting together with the ICON crew for a photoshoot. Looking forward to that!

Sadly the military shows that I had lined up for the Marines have been put off due to the good ol government shut down. We will hopefully reschedule them for early next year.
I want to thank everyone that supports me and has helped me get through this tough time.

I look forward to finishing out 2013 strong and coming into 2014 even stronger so stay tuned!










TCfreestyle Kawasaki Fairing Stays

TCfreestyle Stays



TCfreestyle 2009-2012 Kawasaki ZX6r Fairing Stay. 

Since I have started  riding  sport bikes in 2004 I have spent lots of time and lots of money trying to create a great setup for my motorcycles. The goal for me is to have a products that are strong, durable, quality and lightweight. The danger level is high when you ride the way I like to and this is why I only use products that I believe in, have tested and approve. I seek quality and functionality even more when it comes to the products with my name on them, like my signature series exhaust from Two Brothers Racing or sprockets from 5th Gear Sprockets and now the TCfreestyle Fairing Stays.

Kit Specs:

  • Water jet cuts of  1/8” aluminum
  • Tig welded
  • Top cross support has a mount that is GoPro camera mount optional.
  • OEM tachometer and headlight mounts
  •  1/8″ Steel rolled windscreen support
  • 1/8″ Aluminum mirror block off’s with hardware
  • Powder coated finish
  • Total weight 1.5 lbs (Equivalent to the OEM Kawasaki stay)

Strong enough to take some abuse and light enough for racing.  – $299

Currently the 2009-2012 Kawasaki ZX6R is the only stay we make but more are on the way soon.

If you are interested in purchasing individual pieces (windscreen support, mirror block offs) feel free to contact me here ->  Contact Me

Available on my online store TCfreestyle Store

Thanks for stopping by.




Icon Raiden

Icon Motosports sent me their “Raiden” all weather jacket. I decided to take it on an adventure with me. Through the snow covered roads on the stock Kawasaki Zx6r some aggressive riding on my Kawasaki Zx6 stunt bike.  Backing it into some corners, wheelies from pavement to dirt and tearing through some California desert.

Photos by: Martin S.

Monster Jam Anaheim CA